Play Attention! Therapeutic support for families.

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Are you worried about your child?   Have you been waiting a frustratingly long time for the right support?  Is your child’s behaviour impacting on family life?

The impact of the pandemic and cost-of-living challenges mean many families are facing worries.  Parents regularly tell us that the difficulties they are experiencing quickly get worse without the right support.   With generous funding, from the National Lottery, we are expanding and growing our community support service so that we can help more families over the next three years.

Here at Beacon Family Services our qualified and experienced staff, trained in play therapies, offer families who have been unable to access professional therapy services fully funded access to:

  • Supportive Parent/Carer Workshops
  • Theraplay®; a relational support that uses play to build and strengthen relationships with your child


Who Should book on to a Connect for Parents Workshop?

  • Parents who are struggling, emotionally or socially and want to help their family feel safer
  • Parents and carers (including those of children who are neurodivergent) who are finding their children’s emotional behaviour a challenge
  • Parents and carers who are feeling that their stories are not being heard or understood

“This session gave me a really good boost and I now know I’m not alone.” (Parent)

“This week has been difficult – almost at the point of placement breakdown. This (workshop) has given me hope!” (Adoptive parent)

“It is refreshing to meet people with the same sort of circumstances – parenting as a neurodivergent adult, having children with conflicting sensory needs, clash/triggering each other.  (Autistic parent of neurodivergent children)


Connect for Parents Workshops 2024 Fliers

If you would like to attend a neurodivergence workshop book here.

If you would like to attend a childhood challenging, violent and aggressive behaviour workshop book here.


Who Should come to a Connect for Kids Group?

Any Parent/carer and their children, in the West Midlands, who…

  • Would like to explore more about how play can build and strengthen relationships
  • Feels that they and their child would benefit from engaging with others in small group, fun-filled Theraplay sessions

How Do Our Connect For Kids Theraplay Groups Help?

  • They help children (and their parents/carers) to feel good about themselves
  • They help children to feel loved
  • They help children to express themselves through play
  • They help children to interact more positively with other children
  • They help children to trust other people

“Each session made my children both happy and relaxed.”

(Parent of children taking part in Connect For Kids)


Our next Connect for Kids workshops start on Wednesday 17th April 2024.

Read more about Connect For Kids here and book a place here.


What if I am a professional who would like you to come in to my organisation? 

If you are a teacher, a mentor, a Senior Leader, or another practitioner supporting in schools who wishes to work more in partnership with parents and carers, we may be able to provide just what you are seeking.   We are able to offer parent sessions in school or support your staff to offer them.

“Those attending the two group sessions really enjoyed them and as we know, when we support and empower mothers we are also supporting and empowering their children.”   

(Lead Support Practitioner at a group supporting parents experiencing D.V.)

Get in touch with us us here.


What if I wish to access One-to-One Therapy? 

Get in touch with us at Beacon Services and we can discuss how we can help your family.

You can fill out an enquiry form here.

We really want to get it right for parents, carers and professionals wanting our support. We’d really like to hear from you if you would like us to run a group or workshop in your area, school or on a particular topic.  


Please get in touch  using one of the links or by emailing or calling our team on 0121 270 5090 for a chat. 


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