Charlotte Jenkins

Charlotte Jenkins

Founder and Director of Beacon Services

Charlotte is an experienced social worker with a degree in Social Work and a postgraduate certificate in Childcare. Registered with Social Work England. Charlotte has worked in specialist roles in children’s services since 2002. She believes passionately in supporting children to experience connection in their relationships at home and school in order that they thrive. Play is a really powerful way for them to do so.

Charlotte is a certified Theraplay® Practitioner and is becoming accredited in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP). She has a special interest in neurodevelopmental perspectives and incorporates Sensory Attachment Intervention principles into her work. Charlotte practices yoga regularly and enjoys the time to connect with herself. She is trained in Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY). Charlotte loves the outdoors and creating a therapeutic space that can be regulating means she has developed a regulating garden and therapy space for families to enjoy during their therapy sessions.

Charlotte has supported families, including many adoptive, fostering and kinship families, for many years and also has a special interest in children with Autism and ADHD. Charlotte believes that relationships are unique and every parent, carer and educator should have the space and support to strengthen children’s relationships creating a sense of safety and space for learning and joy. She founded Beacon Family Services as a not-for-profit agency that offered high-quality therapeutic family support. It is currently the only organisation in Birmingham offering Theraplay®.

In response to the need of many families for attachment led services, Charlotte has developed an innovative therapeutic group approach and works with schools and community organisations to deliver this programme with the support of funders.

Pete Brindley

Pete Brindley

Education Support - Primary Specialist

Pete Brindley has gathered vast experience in working as a primary school teacher in a variety of settings. Over the last 20 years, Pete’s focus has been on supporting pupils who are experiencing significant traumas in their lives and whose emotional and social behaviours are inevitably impacted as a result.

Pete has worked closely with teaching colleagues, outside agencies and, most importantly, the parents/carers of such vulnerable young people in order to help deal with some of the challenges met.

Pete is also highly skilled in supporting and leading the development of emotional literacy and counselling with vulnerable, emotionally troubled or pupils with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND). Within his role he has explored and celebrated the positive impact of music, particularly through 'Signed Singing' with children of all ages and abilities.

Pete is passionate about educational equality, ensuring each pupil receives the best possible learning experience within a safe, happy and nurturing environment.

Pete has led many social skills groups and also worked more recently in supporting, engaging and challenging children and parents using Theraplay® principles.

He has trained in Group Theraplay® (March 2020) and has a current DBS.

Peppy Hills

Peppy Hills

Senior Therapist Project Salam

Peppy is a Play Therapist and Filial Play Coach. She has worked in education settings from early years to higher education, community settings and health and social care contexts for many years. She also has a post graduate Masters qualification, a degree and Qualified Teacher Status.

Peppy has a rich variety of experience working with children, young people and carers/parents using play and creativity as a tool and language to strengthen relationships. She is currently undertaking the Theraplay practicum as part of her role at Beacon Family Services. In her spare time she enjoys walking with her dog, reading about and visiting new places.

Peppy has specialised in working with individuals and families who are experiencing a high level of challenge and trauma in their lives, including children and young people with complex needs. Peppy is experienced in working with care experienced children, young people and their carers’ and foster families

Peppy has led projects and training in Romania, Australia, New Zealand and throughout the United Kingdom and enjoys learning about others cultures. Her training has explored healthy relationships and ways of maximizing playful physical and creative opportunities for children, young people, babies, their carers’, educators and families to experience together.

Peppy is passionate about supporting adults and children to strengthen and enjoy their relationships.

Peppy Hills

Catherine Eveness

Director and Founder Beacon Neuroconnect and Just Right State Co-ordinator

Catherine has been a Social Worker for over 15 years and is a parent to neurodivergent children. She has worked in a range of roles offering specialist social work services to adoptive families and is registered with Social Work England. Catherine is passionate about children and their families being able to access high quality therapeutic support with a preventative focus and values centred in positive neurodivergent identity. She believes in prioritising building supportive relationships for families.

Catherine is a certified Theraplay® Practitioner who set up Theraplay South West as a website hub for families and professionals seeking therapeutic support. She has a special interest in supporting children’s sensory needs so they can regulate and feel safe in their relationships at home and school. She has is trained in Sensory Attachment Intervention with Eadaoin Bhreathnach and is qualified to deliver Just Right State Programme. In her free time, she likes to be out in nature and really enjoys dancing and swimming.

Catherine is committed to ensuring that children have an opportunity to develop attuned trusting relationships with key adults either as carers or teachers outside of their family dynamic. She delivers the Just right State and other sensory workshops whilst raising awareness around trauma informed approaches to meeting children and family’s needs.

Helen Martin

Helen Martin

Business and Finance Support

Helen is often the first point of contact for parents and professionals getting in touch with Beacon Family Services. She handles all the day to day administration and organisation.

Helen is a very experienced administrator, having worked as a PA and Office Manager in both the corporate and education world, since qualifying as a legal secretary over 25 years ago. Her love for admin started at the age of 8 when her parents bought her very first typewriter for Christmas! She would spend hours practicing by typing anything from shopping lists for her Mom to letters to her Nan. By the time she got her first computer in her teens, a Commodore 64, she was a very competent touch typer!

Helen has a teenage daughter who shares her love for watching musicals on the West End and a dog Remy, who most days can be found snoring next to her desk!

Helen Martin

Laila Mourad

Family Support and Project Worker

Laila Mourad has worked with families receiving Theraplay, through Project Salam, for several years. Laila was a former secondary school teacher, and speaks three languages. She has worked and volunteered in different charities and organisations supporting families since settling in the UK.

Laila is passionate about working with children, young people and families especially supporting them within the community. She has a bachelor’s degree in (Hons) in Youth, Community and Families.

Laila enjoys spending time with her family when she isn’t working.

Beacon Family Services also work with additional therapists to deliver sessions. All therapists receive clinical supervision.

In addition to training, we deliver two types of sessions to schools – Group Sessions and Individual Sessions.

We offer a free 20 minute initial consultation to see how we can help.

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