Our daughter got so much from Theraplay.    She loved Jules and the sessions and she is noticeably more confident.   We have changed the way we are with her and as a family things are much better for us.
The structure of how Beacon Family Services provide services and the games they play are so helpful. I will use this in other groups I run. I am so glad my organisation has been involved in running a Theraplay group. Seeing and hearing the benefit it has been to the families attending encourages me to use Theraplay more.
Community Worker
I've really enjoyed seeing my children have fun in the sessions and learning new ways to interact with them.  They have looked forward to and enjoyed every session.
Charlotte has a caring and patient demeanour.  She has managed to support the children and their foster carers through difficult times, it would be fair to suggest that this journey has been an ‘emotional rollercoaster’ for all involved and Charlotte has an empathic nature. This has formed a really good basis for the children who need time to keep exploring and making sense of their feelings.
Social Worker
We like using the games we have enjoyed in sessions at times when my son seems stressed. It can really help him.  When I asked him how theraplay made him feel he said happy and calm.
After experiencing some very dark and difficult times with our daughter we were introduced to Charlotte and Theraplay.  I have to admit at first there was a leap of faith required by us to understand the connection between the play therapy and how this would help us with our daily difficulties. Our daughter instantly connected with Charlotte and after a few sessions we began to see some real progress.  Some months on we have now integrated the theraplay techniques as a natural framework to our daily routines.  It provides us with a new and effective set of tools to deal with the difficult times and we are very pleased to report that the dark days are now few and far between.
My child has a diagnosis of ADHD and ASD and struggles socially mainly in unstructured environments like the playground. It was having a real negative impact on him. Through play therapy and working with Charlotte it has helped understand more what areas he has been struggling with and helped encourage him to take turns and let him feel secure through play to help him manage his friendships better and himself when rules or the game changes. It has been a fun experience as well and I have enjoyed having the opportunity to play again with my child and feel it has also strengthened our relationship.