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What people are saying about Cards To Help You Connect.

“I love your resources! There’s a beauty in simplicity especially when we are living in a quite crowded mental space. I know I’d have used the cards when I was parenting young children.”
Sally Donovan OBE, adoptive parent and author

“We used the lighthouse poster with our children. We had used the idea of sunny and cloudy days but my son didn't seem to find that helpful. What a revelation!

My son loved this. It is on our wall and he has even explained it to his Grandma. I wish so much I had used the lighthouse before, it’s a game changer.”

“The cards are very attractive and we can share them with our boys. Previously I had been on a day course about Theraplay and then bought a book which wasn't for kids. These cards help so much more as they can be used with the children and are a great idea. I share the cards with my children and explain what they can play when they're feeling a certain way. It helps them learn to regulate their emotions with me and I gain a greater understanding of them.”

“The programme for schools guided the children and staff through playful and developmentally challenging activities. The very act of engaging with each other in this way has helped all children regulate their behaviour and communicate love, joy, and safety.”
Classroom teacher

“The children love it and are showing signs of development of their emotional skills and understanding. Thank you for bringing sunshine and love to our school.”

“I'm really enjoying using the cards and they have made an immediate difference. They help my children to share joy together and build their relationship with me as their parent. They are realising they don't have to compete for parental attention and love.”
Family using Cards to Help You Connect