Our aim is that you feel better connected with your child and able to understand what they are communicating through their actions and behaviours.

We start with an assessment …

If you decide to go ahead and contact us we can discuss the reasons and decide together if it is right for your family to meet with us. We will explore who is helping you already.

After we agree to work together we will observe you and your child completing some activities together to make an assessment of how we can best help.

We are not here to make any diagnoses but to identify how we can offer support. Our aim is to help you make sense of what your child’s behaviour may be communicating so you can nurture them.

We meet regularly …

We will develop a tailor made programme of play based activities that will support your child to accept you taking charge, enjoy being soothed or nurtured, and allow you to have fun and be together sharing challenges. The activities are informed by Theraplay® and are designed so that you can use them outside of our sessions too.

We will work with you to think about your child’s developmental needs and understand how to help them throughout the day.

For some families working with you intensively as a parent or caregiver to make sense of the reasons underlying your child’s concerning, confusing or worrying behaviour may be the first step.  We will spend time getting to know you before we meet your child.  When we are offering DDP this can be a very important part of the time you spend with us.

Sessions will last up to 45 minutes and we can plan how many will be right for you and your child and when it is right to involve your child.

What can you expect …

Theraplay® and DDP are relationship based and playful so even if you feel you and your child are stuck in a rut you will quickly experience some positive interactions.

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Our aim is that you feel better connected with your child and able to understand what they are communicating through their actions and behaviours.

Our Services


We use Theraplay® and DDP techniques to help children and their parents or caregivers to communicate and connect in a playful and fun way.

Theraplay is ideal for any child experiencing separation anxiety, dealing with divorce or loss in the family, or settling into a new family arrangement.  It can also be really helpful to children with autism or ADHD where social relationships and communication are challenging.

DDP helps fostering and adoptive families explore deepening their connection.


Schools and other organisations can access training courses and packages of support based on childhood brain development and attachment theories.  There will be a focus on practical strategies to use in the classroom to help regulate children.

Other training around fostering, adoption and SGOs is also available.

Professional Services

Professional social work assessments for children and families are available covering all areas of adoption, fostering and life story work.