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School is a crucial part of every child’s growing up experience. Sometimes if they are experiencing difficulties this can affect their behaviour in the classroom, friendships and ability to learn.

Beacon Education Services …

We focus on relationships and the need for connection and play. We use a unique combination of our own knowledge, training and experiences to create a bespoke training package for each establishment. Our backgrounds in therapy, social work and teaching mean we really do understand the needs of the whole school.

We are passionate about helping our schools, academies and education establishments become aware of children’s attachment needs so they can support children to feel safe and secure in school and achieve the best learning outcomes. Training courses are available to develop teacher and other school staff understanding of:

  • Neuro development and the brain and behaviour
  • The impact of trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACES)
  • The needs of adopted and fostered children in the classroom
  • The impact of any additional needs, such as Autism or ADHD on children in the classroom.

The courses are based on childhood brain development and attachment theories. They focus on developing understanding and practical strategies to use in the classroom to help regulate children so they can focus on and enjoy learning with their class. They are available as a brief or full day introductory course with further training schools can access to build an attachment based behaviour policy and outlook within the school.

Pupil premium is available for looked after children and those who have been adopted or live with a special guardian and could fund training or support to a child.

Support to a child in school or to staff to develop a package of support is also available.   Where children and their families are receiving a package of therapy we encourage their school to work with us too to understand how they can build safer relationships at school too.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a tailor made package for your school.

Other training courses …

We provide professional training courses for social workers focussing on the assessment and support of prospective and approved special guardians and connected person’s foster carers.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Or, if you would like to book a place on a forthcoming course see any dates below.

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A Communicating and Engaging Webinar presented by Charlotte to support social workers with using play  is available through BASW.

Our Services


We use Theraplay® and DDP techniques to help children and their parents or caregivers to communicate and connect in a playful and fun way.

Theraplay is ideal for any child experiencing separation anxiety, dealing with divorce or loss in the family, or settling into a new family arrangement. It can also be really helpful to children with autism or ADHD where social relationships and communication are challenging.

DDP helps fostering and adoptive families explore deepening their connection.


Schools and other organisations can access training courses and packages of support based on childhood brain development and attachment theories.
There will be a focus on practical strategies to use in the classroom to help regulate children.

Other training around fostering, adoption and SGOs is also available.